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Cortes Island’s Emergency Preparedness & Awareness Weekend

By Roy L Hales

Cortes Island Volunteer Fire Captain Eli McKenty received the page at 8 a.m.  There was a fire at the Recycling Center on Squirrel Cove Road. As the island’s fire chief was not available, McKenty was in charge. He had, as yet, little indication of what lay ahead. Never-the-less, while he was waiting for his crew to assemble, McKenty received word that one of the recycling centre’s staff called. The  flammable shed storage is burning and there is sounds of explosions. The staff member called 911 and was fighting the fire. McKenty alerted the ambulance and, as a precaution alerted an elite provincial fire fighting unit that it might be needed. Arriving on the scene some 40 minutes later, he discovered the fire had already spread to the trees. If this were an actual event, tomorrow’s newspaper headlines would probably say something like “Cortes Island Fire Leads To Mass Evacuation“. In reality, this table talk was one of the components of Cortes Island’s Emergency Preparedness and & Awareness Weekend. The talk also mentioned the great importance of businesses conducting a reverse address lookup on customers they are dealing with within Cortes, especially when fire hazards are involved.

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Clam Gardens

Originally broadcast in Season One of the Deep Roots Initiative, Cortes Radio, CKTZ, 89.5 FM

Legend tells us first peoples of the Northwest Coast cultivated shellfish. To explore this further and to consider current shellfish farming and our future, Oudette Auger speaks with Judith Williams, author of “Clam Gardens.”

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Conclusion Of My Interview With Claire Trevena, MLA For North Island

By Roy L Hales

A month ago I met with the NDP candidate for our riding at Heriot Bay on Quadra Island. You can listen to the first part of my interview with her by clicking on this link.  This is the conclusion of my interview with Claire Trevena, MLA for North Island.

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Green Candidate Sue Moen Talks Policy

By Roy L Hales

The Green party’s support has grown in the month since I met with Sue Moen at Heriot Bay. In Mainstreet Research’s most recent poll, 24% of the people watching the televised debate were leaning towards, or had decided upon, the Green party. Half of the viewers had a “favourable” opinion of Andrew Weaver and had an unfavourable opinion of the two other leaders. So what would it mean if the next government needs the green party’s support to stay in power? In the podcast below, Green candidate Sue Moen talks policy.

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NDP Government Would Reduce Some Ferry Fares

By Roy L Hales

Everyone knows that B.C. Ferries is losing money. According to their press release last November, the supposedly “publicly owned company” was $1.2 billion in debt. Yet this morning Claire Trevena, the NDP critic for transportation, announced that an NDP Government would reduce some ferry fares.

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