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Quadra Project: Home Sweet Home

We are just beginning to register the full implications of climate change, and if we take a moment to think about them, they are sobering. A feature in The Economist (April 13, 2024) is particularly disquieting because of its assessment of the risk to our homes, the largest single investment that we have and the place where we go for peace, privacy and security.

But take note of the frequency and severity of miscellaneous weather events that are threatening, damaging or destroying homes. Storms, floods, wildfires and coastal erosion are just a sample of the catastrophes that can impact where we live. By The Economist’s estimate, “About a tenth of the world’s residential property by value is under threat, …and by one estimate, climate change and the fight against it could wipe out 9% of the value of the world’s housing by 2050—which amounts to $25 trillion.” As The Economist points out, “Property is the world’s most important asset class, accounting for an estimated two-thirds of global wealth. Homes are at the heart of many of the world’s most important financial markets… .” A wholesale threat to them threatens the entire financial system.

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The Quadra Project: Climate Karma

Karma, from the Sanskrit word “karman” is an amalgamation of “action, effect, and fate”. In the popular sense of the word, it has come to mean that actions have consequences, and that our individual human behaviour exists in a cause-effect relationship with a vague sense of a moral cosmos. Often described as the Principle of Karma, it means that personal acts motivated by “good” intentions are eventually rewarded in kind, and that “bad” acts are also rewarded in kind.

Although karma usually applies to the cause-effect relationship of our individual actions, it might also apply to our collective actions, a more expansive understanding that is worth considering, given the consequence of the unfolding havoc we are causing on our planet.

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Extreme heat in May 2023

Does it feel hot out here? It is.

On May 14, 2023, Campbell River, British Columbia experienced an extreme temperature of 32 degrees Celsius (89.6 degrees Fahrenheit). This temperature is quite remarkable for mid-May, as it is well above the historical average high for the area during this time of year.

Climate change is caused primarily by the extreme emissions of a minority of super-emitters, corporations that support their consumption – all permitted by lawmakers. We have a rapidly closing window to limit these emissions to prevent catastrophic changes to our spaceship earth.

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