Klahoose & Tla’amin Nations Challenged by low salmon numbers

This program was funded by a grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada and the Government of Canada’s Local Journalism Initiative

The Klahoose First Nation is challenged by low salmon numbers resulting in a lack of traditional food, social and cultural resources.

Tina Wesley & Koosen Pielle

In this episode of Cortes Currents, we hear from Klahoose fishery and resource manager, Tina Wesley, and Tla’amin Nation community educator and language person, Koosin Pielle.  

Tina Wesley is committed to serving her community in a variety of ways.  She tells us about the many positions she holds.  We hear how conservation comes first. 

Decline of fish runs

Wesley describes the decline of fish over her lifetime.  She grew up in Toba Inlet and recalls the ‘fish so thick you could walk across their backs’.  And she laments that now, they are far too few and far between.

From Wesley we hear about the relationship with DFO and how voices are being heard, and that there are well-meaning people and an effort toward a science-based decision making process – but there are problems and a legacy of mismanagement to overcome.  

We hear about the many challenges to salmon and what impacts the lack of fish is having in the community. 

We also learn about what the Klahoose First Nation is doing to adapt to the missing resources – turning more to agriculture to provide food for the Klahoose people. 

Dead salmon who hopefully dropped eggs by Arc-light via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)

No fish this year

Koosin Pielle confirms that the Tla’amin nation, too, has not been able to get any food fish this year.  She tells us about the decline she has seen in her lifetime and how that affects culture and language.

Sound effects

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Top photo credit: Salmon spawning by Padraic via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)

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