Logger Mike Reminds Us To Remain VIGILANT

As of June 24th, there were 131 known cases of COVID 19 on Vancouver Island. 95% of these have recovered. Many hope there will soon be no reports of new cases. The day after Premier Horgan announced British Columbians can safely travel around the province, Campbell River’s downtown icon adopted a new look. Logger Mike wears a mask to remind us of the need to remain vigilant. 

Logger MIke
Logger Mike – Courtesy City of Campbell River

Prevent The Spread Of COVID Virus

“Logger Mike goes through seasonal changes, wearing the Canada Flag in summer and a Santa suit in winter, and now he’s carrying an important public safety message – protect each other by wearing a mask in public places,” says Mayor Andy Adams. “Wearing a mask can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus. Logger Mike wearing one is a reminder that my mask helps protect you and your mask helps protect me.”

The oversized protective face mask was provided by Discovery Trekking. The local business also tailored the Santa suit the city’s mascot wears each winter.

The mask was installed by the City’s parks crew while they were hanging Campbell River Arts Council banners on downtown lamp poles.

City Parks worker puts a mask on Logger Mike – Courtesy City of Campbell River

‘COVID Is Still With Us’

Logger Mike is staying silent on his new role as a public health “maskot.” 

At their most recent council meeting, the City of Campbell River decided to continue holding meetings electronically until the end of summer.

Adrian Dix, Minister of Health, and Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C.’s provincial health officer, issued a joint statement to people who want to tavel:

“No matter where we may be this summer, remember that COVID-19 is still with us. So let’s make sure we travel respectfully, by using our travel manners, planning ahead, being prepared and maintaining safe social interactions.

“Before you go, do your research. Check in with the community to understand if it is welcoming visitors and what services are available and what may still be closed. Take your provisions with you if needed, and while away, take the same safety precautions you have been doing at home.”

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