Four members of Campbell River chapter of the Council of Canadians in from of MP Rachel Blaney's Office

March 12th: A Just Transition Day of Action, the Council of Canadians, students from Carihi Secondary school and other members of the community will be holding a ‘Just Transition Day of Action’ in front of MP Rachel Blaney’s office in Campbell River, on March 12th.

Similar demonstrations are taking place in 44 cities, towns and villages across Canada, from Victoria to Halifax.

Day of Action for a Just Transition: Saturday, March 12Photo: By Eagleclaw Thom

“We’re going to have a little demonstration around what we feel should be in the Act. Rachel Blaney herself will be there to speak. The whole purpose is to call attention to the ‘Just Transition Act’ that Prime Minister Trudeau and the liberals promised during the 2019 election, but have not brought in yet. We feel it’s imperative given the climate emergency that we’re in and given the need for transitioning to renewable energy,” said Richard Hagensen, from the Campbell River chapter of the Council of Canadians.

“Things are accelerating to the point where, unless we cut the carbon emissions and start looking very seriously at alternative sustainable energy sources we’re going to be in deep trouble.”

He recited a list of recent extreme weather events as examples: BC’s heat dome last summer, the droughts, especially in California, the floods that happened in BC and elsewhere.

Hagensen believes Canada needs to:

  • wind down the fossil fuel industry, 
  • end the estimated $4.8 billion of fossil fuel subsidies that is being paid out by the federal and provincial governments
  • reduce emissions by at least 60% over 2005 levels, 
  • expand the social safety net through new income supports 
  • fund affordable public transit. 
  • pay for the transition by taxing the wealthiest people in corporations and financing through public bank, 
  • protecting and strengthening human rights, 
  • respect Indigenous rights, 
  • and include First Nations, their knowledge and sovereignty in the planning process for the Just Transition Act.

“Thus far, there has been pretty much silence from the Liberal government in power when the issues have been brought up in parliament by various MPS across the country,  including Rachel Blaney,” said Hagensen.

The Campbell River rally in support of a ‘Just Transition Act’ will be held outside Blaney’s constituency office (427-10th Ave.) at 11:30 AM on Saturday. March 12th.

“You are encouraged to join us! For more information, contact Council of Canadians, Campbell River Chapter,” said Hagensen. 

Click here to access the petition calling on Trudeau to sign the Just Transition Act.

This article was originally published on March 7 and republished March 12th as part of the Saturday Roundup.

Top photo credit: Members of the Campbell River chapter of the Council of Canadians in front of MP Rachel Blaney’s Office (l to r) Mandy Vaughan, Rich Hagensen, Anna Kubacky, Murray Etty – submitted photo

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