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Tickets for Lovefest 2022

Tickets for Lovefest 2022 go on sale this week. Rex Weyler is distributing them to stores throughout Cortes Island and will be selling tickets at Mansons Friday Market. 

“The whole purpose of Lovefest, right from the beginning, is just a fun community day of people being together. Great music and giving a venue for the artists to sell their wares and have a good day in the sun,”  he said. 

Image from Lovefest 2017 – Photo by Roy L Hales

Weyler proceeded to list musicians such as:

“There’s going to be a kid show at the beginning, to give some of the young musicians a chance to perform and then on into the show. Brenda Hanson is coming from Klahoose. Greg Osoba is going to play with some of his friends. Rick and Amy Bockner are going to do a set, and a few surprises in there too.”

Cortes Island’s first Lovefest started as a remembrance of the 1967 ‘Summer of Love’ in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury neighbourhood.

Cortes Currents wandered through the crowd asking, ‘What does the ’50 Summers of Love’ say to this generation?’ 

“People should loosen up a bit. I think they’ve really gotten terribly serious, way too serious,” responded Carol Trueman. 

“All of this leads to just caring about what’s around you rather than just thinking mostly about yourself. And at this point what’s around us and needs the most care is the earth because the earth is our mother.  I think we need to love the earth and we definitely need to love one another,” said Elizabeth Anderson.

“I’m not sure what the message of that era is, but to the question of what did hippy give us, hippy gave us Cortes Island as we know it today,” said Howie Roman.

There were Lovefests in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Photo from 2017 LOvefest by Richard Trueman

The 2020 and 2021 festivals were cancelled because of COVID.

“So this year we were thinking, well, should we wait another year? Then, so many people were asking us to do it. We finally decided, well, sure. let’s just do it. If there’s COVID concerns at the time, we’ll respond appropriately with whatever the regulations are at the time, but we are seeing more and more public events,” said Weyler.

He didn’t have the specifics yet, but said there has always been good food, great vendors and Lovefest is offering free booths to every Cortes Island  service group that wants one. 

Lovefest will be from 11 AM to 9:30 PM, Sunday, August 14th at Linnaea Farm

  • Early bird tickets are $25 
  • tickets will be $30 at the door.
  • $20 for people under 18.
  • A family ticket is $60. 

Top image credit: 2019 Lovefest photo by Richard Trueman

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