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A regional model: free stores and other waste reducing facilities

At a time when the average Canadian spends more than $3,000 a year on clothing, many Cortes Island residents are satisying their personal needs and disposing of clothing through the local freestore. Similarly, Creative Deconstruction has supplied materials used in ten new homes on Cortes Island. Mark Vonesch, the Regional Director for Cortes Island, suggests that centres like this may offer a model that needs to be promoted throughout the Comox and Strathcona Regional Districts. 

“I’m just getting back from the Comox Strathcona Waste Management Board meeting. This is a board that I sit on as a director, and we provide guidance and leadership to the waste management services in the Comox Valley District and the Strathcona Regional Districts,” he explained. 

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Folk U: Cortes Waste & Recycling Demystified

Originally published on Cortes Radio.ca

There was music. Miyako Reid talked about her garden, chickens and other aspects of her life on Cortes. The feature presentation on the June 26th Folk U Friday was ‘Cortes Waste & Recycling Demystified.’

As people get more waste conscience, the people on Cortes Island can be proud to know that they have one of the most successful waste diversion programs in the region. And BC has created successful programs to deal with their waste, so that there are still markets for the recycling in BC despite unstable global systems.

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Reel Youth: Responding to Social Issues

In the fourth of a series about Reel Youth, Mark Vonesch explains how young filmmakers pick the issues that are shaping their future.   

“One of the things that I love about working with young people, especially when they’re talking about issues, that they care about, the changes they want to see in the world, young people are impatient.  They don’t easily take no for an answer. They’re not afraid of speaking up,” he explained.

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The Cortes Island Free Store

What is it? When Will it return? And What would it take to make the Free Store more Resilient for the Future?

Are you thinking and wondering about the Free Store? If you live on Cortes island, the answer is probably yes. Are you drowning in stuff, or down to two bowls in a household of four people? Every week, there are new theories as to what happened to the Free Store: where it went, what will take to get it back, and also exciting possibilities to use the Free Store model to grow Cortes Island: for keeping resources local, making better use of what the island has and reducing the amount of stuff shipped off Island. 

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Cortes Going Into Slowdown

As of yesterday’s press conference, there were 16 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Vancouver Island Health Region. The closest known case is two ferry rides away in Campbell River. The Province of British Columbia declared a state of emergency for the next 14 days, which may be extended or rescinded as necessary. There are many reports of Cortes going into slowdown.

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