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What Wicking Beds Offer water challenged gardeners

By Mike Gall

Quadra Island’s demo wicking bed system is up and running. This educational demonstration gardening system explores how small landholders, senior citizens needing raised beds, or renters may experience growing abundant, nutrient dense food within the smallest possible footprint while using the least amount of water. The technique is widely used in Australia and other low rainfall regions or where access to water is restricted during dry summer months. The beds themselves are constructed from reused Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) totes and integrate a passive water storage technique eliminating water evaporation. Plants draw water from their root systems instead of soaking in from surface watering. 

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A Practical Understanding Of Play & Some Gardening Tips

On today’s Folk University Talk Show, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, Hayley Newell shares with us a deeper scientific and practical understanding of play. By definition play serves no practical purpose. Yet, it is anything but valueless. It lays the foundation of a child’s cognitive development, contributes to their physical health, services an opportunity to work through traumatic experiences and develop emotional resources, and helps kids practice healthy social interactions. The brain doesn’t know the different between real and imagined experiences so play can set the foundation for a great deal of future development. 

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