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Changes coming to the BC Ferries for Quadra and Cortes Islands

The two much anticipated Island Class hybrid e-ferries are now in operation on the Campbell River to Quadra Island route. The new ferries will be sailing between Campbell River and Quadra Island approximately every half hour between 7:30 AM and 5:50 PM. A single vessel will serve this route in the early morning and evenings. 

“This was a long time coming for all of us, but we’re pleased to have the vessels going and seeing the throughput at the both ends of the terminals. There has been some bumps along the road for sure. We’ve had to make some minor adjustments with the way we stage traffic at the terminals. We’re exploring different options, trying to keep the on-time performance and the traffic moving as fast as we can” said Megan Caldwell, the Terminal Manager for BC Ferries.

Mark Vonesh, the Regional Director for Cortes Island had a different perspective, “We live on Cortes because we like to  have that isolation and sense of distance from the urban centers. That’s something that makes Cortes special, but we rely on the ferry. It’s an essential service for us. We require it for groceries, for medical, for appointments. It’s something that we rely on, and it’s a bottleneck for us. The new ferries that are coming on board obviously created some issues for Cortes.” 

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