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Surge Narrows grocery delivery program

The grocery delivery program’s origins go back to October 2019. A North Rendezvous Island resident, Judith Wright, organized a group run for four or five families every two weeks. After COVID hit, close to half of the permanent residents of the Rendezvous, Read, Maurelle, and Sonora Islands took advantage of the SRD Delivers program to have their groceries delivered every week for three months. While the funding ended in mid July, the Surge Narrows grocery delivery program proved to be so effective that it continues today. 

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SRD Delivered to 230 Households

The ‘Sayward Futures Society‘ application was turned down because they proposed to use the funding to hire a coordinator. Emergency Management BC (EMBC) did not feel the COVID situation on Vancouver Island was sufficiently desperate, but they did approve a study to see how the SRD Delivers program could be implemented on Cortes Island. More than 80% of the $10,370 obtained from the province was forwarded to organizations that “offered assistance with grocery shopping, the delivery of food, prescriptions and other essentials for the benefit of the elderly (65+) and other vulnerable persons.” The SRD delivered to 230 households in Campbell River, Read Island, Gold River and Tahsis. 

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SRD Delivered Over $10,000 To Community Organizations

Emergency Response Coordinator Shaun Koopman approached Emergency Management BC in response to concerns expressed in the Strathcona Regional District’s rural communities. There was a need for low income people to access groceries in Campbell River. Community groups in Tahsis (400 private dwellings) , Campbell River (population 35,138) and Read Island (population 66) applied for funding in March.  A recent press release states that last month the SRD Delivered over $10,000 to community organizations assisting vulnerable members of the regional district with food and other essentials.

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The Fourth Cortes Virtual Conference

The main topics at the fourth Cortes Virtual Conference were housing and employing people on priority community initiatives. The meeting started fourteen minutes late, but (thanks to Ayton Novak) with a polish that was not present in previous meetings. The proceedings started with a series of community updates.

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