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Update on COVID 19 outbreak in the Klahoose village

The Klahoose First Nation continues to deal with a COVID 19 outbreak in the community. 

Photo credit: A lonely clove by Andy Thrasher via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)

COVID 19 outbreak in Tok village

Chief Kevin Peacey posted an update to cortesisland.com yesterday, December 1, explaining that the Klahoose Nation has declared a state of emergency. Four people in the village have tested positive. There are no reports of the virus reaching the wider Cortes Island community.

The Toq village has a staffed checkpoint at the Whaletown Rd entry, to prevent any unauthorized comings and goings.  They are only permitting “supplies, essential deliveries, emergency services and front line workers” in order to contain the spread of the virus. 

The nation has expanded the medical team, adding a nurse and getting support from the Doctor at the Cortes Community Health Centre.  

Testing and contact tracing is ongoing. 

Chief Peacey thanks the non-indigenous community for donations of firewood to keep the checkpoint staff warm and says they have a “good supply now”.

The Island Health COVID 19 dashboard reports that there are 39 active cases in the North Vancouver Island region and two days have passed since a new case was reported to the health agency. 

A local Doctor’s advice

Doctor Jenna Creaser, from the Cortes Community Health Centre, recommends that people take extra care during the ongoing pandemic to maximize their immune systems.  

Her prescription is:

A well rounded diet with minimal sugar, lot’s of colourful fruits & vegetables, protein, plus:
1- Garlic – 2 cloves/day, best if chopped up & fresh
2- Ginger – 1 inch piece grated or steeped/day
3- Turmeric – approx. 1 tsp powder most days
4- Probiotic & fermented foods – i.e. kefir, plain yoghurt, pickled vegetables, kimchi
5- Mushrooms – i.e. culinary (shitake, button) & medicinal (reishi, chaga, lion’s mane)
And avoid added sugar as much as possible! !

FOUR SUPPLEMENTS – For an extra boost
Based on your diet and lifestyle, pick a few of these to take:
1- Zinc – i.e. Zinc acetate, citrate or glycinate, 30-60 mg total daily in 2-3 divided doses
2- Vitamin D – 1000-5000 IU daily (she recommend 1000 IU in summer, 2000 IU in winter)
3- Elderberry – aka Sambucus nigra, 500 mg daily
4- Vitamin C – 1000-3000mg (1-3g) daily (if not attained from diet)
Doses listed are for a healthy adult and may vary !

Exercise — 20 minutes each day: walking, yoga, whatever suits you.

TWO SOOTHERs – For mind, body and spirit
1- Stress reduction – identify and reduce with exercise, self care, solo time & connection
2- Sleep ! – get enough (~8hrs/night), keep the time you go to bed & wake up consistent

One Affirmation

Use the power of intention. Try sitting quietly and read or say the following to yourself: “I can feel my immune system working well inside of me. It’s strong and effective. I know it’s doing it’s job to protect my body and keep me healthy. I feel gratitude and awe for all that it does for me.”

Doctor Creaser also recommends that folks visit the Institute of Functional Medicine at www.ifm.org for more diet and lifestyle advice related to Covid-19.

Top photo credit: Heron on Squirrel Cove Beach, Cortes Island by A Davey via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)

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