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Bruce Ellingsen is one of the founders of the Cortes Community Forestry Co-operative and is one of the six members of the Cortes Fortestry General Partnership. Prior to that he was president of the Cortes Ecoforestry Society. A logger turned oyster and organic fruit farmer, Ellingsen is a fourth generation descendant of the first European family on Cortes Island and grew up in coastal logging camps. He graduated in commerce and business administration from UBC and has been involved in Island politics since the 1970s.

Clarifying The Meaning Of “Sustainability”In The Management Of The Cortes Community Forest

By Bruce Ellingsen

Obtaining a Community Forest (CF) tenure on the Crown Forest lands and managing it sustainably, while allowing for a modest harvest to occur for the development of a local forest products related economic sector, has consistently, since the 1990’s, been a top priority for the great majority within the Cortes community.

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A Mature Forest Ecosystem

Originally published on the Cortes Tideline (2014)

By Bruce Ellingsen

I believe that most of us now realize that a mature forest ecosystem is a complex community of interconnected, interdependent organisms demonstrably capable of developing, expanding and sustaining itself. To appreciate this, we only have to consider the forests that existed in much of North America and, more specifically, on our Pacific Coast, when we Europeans arrived. 

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