The anti-vaxx crowd in Toronto

Trudeau missed his chance to meet with the truckers

Editor’s note: the following opinion post was originally meant to be a response to the article ‘Stark poll results ‘speak for themselves’: Political scientist Survey says Canadians fear for country’s future,‘ but speaks to a larger audience.

There is a natural range of opinion among the members of our society which should be recognized and accepted. That is reality.

Prime Minister Trudeau squandered the opportunity to address the range of concerns within the Truckers Convoy by choosing to not meet with a small, representative group  early during the demonstration. He could have calmly explained the need for the restraints in order to avoid overwhelming our nationwide Health Care system and said that as soon as the indicators of admissions to emergency services and ICU’s diminished to a certain point that satisfied the provincial health care advisors, the restraints would be lifted in line with their advice.

He did not need to agree with the demonstrators, merely to give them a respectful hearing as his Federal constituents. To dismiss them as he did is a slight and results in both sides “digging in”, accentuating the divisiveness, accentuating it through the ongoing various media outlets, with the eventual need for the imposition of the Emergency Measures Act.

I think our PM has seriously sullied his political career this time.

Top image credit: The anger of the crowd was directed at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the Feb. 5 Toronto Freedom Convoy – Photo by Michael Swan via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)

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