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Kingcome Inlet Will Remain Isolated

North Island Gazette, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The Dzawad’enuwx First Nation in Kingcome Inlet, a small community on the mainland across from northern Vancouver Island has been on lockdown since April 17 due to concerns about the novel coronavirus.

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Clam Gardens

Originally broadcast in Season One of the Deep Roots Initiative, Cortes Radio, CKTZ, 89.5 FM

Legend tells us first peoples of the Northwest Coast cultivated shellfish. To explore this further and to consider current shellfish farming and our future, Oudette Auger speaks with Judith Williams, author of “Clam Gardens.”

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Visiting Philips Arm Salmon Farm

By Roy L Hales


My interest in British Columbia’s fish farms began with Alexandra Morton’s fim “Salmon Confidential Documentary” and you can find a distillation of her arguments, as well as other articles critical of this industry on this website. I recently became convinced there is another side to this story that we haven’t been hearing. So, at Marine Harvest’s invitation, I went visiting Philips Arm Salmon Farm.

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