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How telephones came to Cortes Island 

According to Lynne Jordan,  former president of the Cortes Island Museum, there have been telephones on Cortes Island for more than 110 years. They arrived in 1910, along with telegraphs, but only in the stores.

“Telegrams were really cheap. They were so much for 10 words and so much for 100 words.  People got really good at confining their messages to 10 words. Telegraphs that came in for people were just put in an envelope and then pinned on the bulletin board at the store.  Then they either had to check themselves or a friend would tell them that there was a message there for them,” she said.

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Twilight of the Union Steamships

The Union Steamship Company served communities along the West Coast up until they were supplanted by airplanes and small motor boats in 1956. Few would have guessed that as little as a generation earlier, when they were still the main way of transporting people and supplies. In the conclusion of her segment about the Union Steamship company, Lynne Jordan talks about the company’s twilight years.  

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2018: Becoming Nature Boy

(From the Archives: Feb 10, 2018)

George Sirk’s radio program comes from a lifelong passion. He became a specialist in “tropical ecology, in places such as Australia, Papua New Guinea and tropical America,”  and later an expedition leader in the Canadian Arctic. He first brought this to the airwaves for CFUV in Victoria. George also produced seven minute clips on the Arctic for CBC’s Morning Show, before Prime Minister Harper cut back on funding. He returned to Cortes Island in 2016 and on February 1 became CKTZ’s newest talk show host. In this morning’s interview, I ask George Sirk about becoming Nature Boy.

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Treaty should trump the ALC, says Tla’amin First Nation

qathet Living, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

One leader of Tla’amin Nation, Erik Blaney, says his government has been having problems with BC’s Agricultural Land Commission and Reserve system for the past six years. 

“The Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) and Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) have imposed restrictions on our lands that we never agreed to, nor were we ever consulted with,” says Erik. 

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Water taxis to Cortes, Savary Island and much more 

Regular water taxi trips between Lund and Cortes Bay are only one of services that the Access Point Marine Group is bringing to our area. They are transforming Finn Bay, a two minute walk north of Lund, into a hub for water transportation and tourism.

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