Tales Of Old Quadra Island

By Roy L Hales

Local historian Jeanette Taylor came to Mansons Hall, on Cortes Island, on April 26, 2019. The Cortes Island Museum invited her to present her slideshow “60 Terrific Historical Spots To Visit On Northern Vancouver Island”. I’ve taken some liberties in adapting Ms Taylor’s talk into a series of radio programs. The first one is tales of Old Quadra Island.

Old Quadra Island

“I’ve tried to have the general publics lens on and just chose stories you would especially enjoy knowing about. What I’m focusing on is not necessarily natural history, although it sneaks in there every once and awhile – because how can it not in a place like this – I’m mostly looking at human history sites where there are still remnants of people and their lives.” – Jeanette Taylor 

Helen & Hosea Armenius Bull, owners of the Heriot Bay Inn, Quadra Island – courtesy Jeanette Taylor

In The Podcast:

One of the petroglyphs at Cape Mudge, Quadra Island Come before 10 AM on a day when the tide is out – courtesy Jeanette Taylor

Further Reading

The Sasquatch statue that Campbell River artist Alex Witcombe put up on Rebecca Spit. It gazes across to Cortes and Mitlenatch islands, where part two of this radio series will begin – courtesy Jeanette Taylor

Top photo credit: Clam midden at Kanish Bay – Orchard Bay (May ’12) – courtesy Jeanette Taylor

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