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Yulia Kochubievsky’s Alder Tincture Recipe

The following article is supplemental to the Folk U podcast

by Yulia Kochubievsky

Yulia shares her alder tincture recipe at

  1. This is information is in addition to all the recommended cautions, self distancing etc and in addition to any measure you can take to strengthen your immune system (which include, but not limited to: good food & exercise, keeping your mind and emotion calm and balanced and taking herbs and supplements). I recommend looking up “vitamin C mega dose” both to boost your immune system and to help heal if you get sick.
  2. I am not a clinician. Use this information with the usual caution and common sense, especially if you are taking prescription medication. Herbs/drugs interaction is something that needs to be considered and I have no training to offer advice on that.
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Folk U: Fear & COVID 19

A supplemental article to the Folk U Friday podcast, originally published on Cortes

By Hayley Newell, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Yesterday I spoke briefly on Cortes Radio on the topic of fear and what we can do about it during this pandemic. 

The first thing I want to share: Your feelings of fear are completely valid. We are facing a huge unknown. How long will this last? What Impact will it have on my livelihood? Will I get sick? The list goes on. 

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Ways To Reduce COVID-19’s Impact

ScienceDirect recently published a research paper by Paul Stamets and six scientists, from the University of Arizona and the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, called “Integrative Considerations During The COVID-19 Pandemic.” Though written in scientific terms, there is enough plain english words to make it understandable for lay people. For example: the key word in the phrase “liquiritigenin from Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice)”is, of course, ‘licorice.’ Stamets and his colleagues listed a number of ways to reduce COVID-19’s impact.  

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Folk U: INterviews Maureen Williams, ND

Originally Published on Cortes

On March 27th the first live, call-in Folk U Friday radio show featured naturopathic doctor Maureen Williams with call-in contributions from clinical counsellor Hayley Newell. We also learned how to make our own Alder Bark tincture with Yulia Kochubievsky and got gardening advice thanks to Whitney Vanderleest. 

Maureen Williams and Hayley Newell and Yulia Kochubievsky  wrote up their advice. Here is part one:

Boost Your Immune Function At Home! – by Maureen Williams ND

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