Interview with Sue Hall

by Manda Aufochs Gillespie

This week’s guest at Folk University’s Folk U Friday series was Sue Hall author of Fish Don’t Climb Trees, head of the Whole Dyslexic Society, and Davis Dyslexia facilitator. Sue Hall is also dyslexic and the mother of a dyslexic child and has taught a positive-based approached to working with dyslexia for 20 years. She talked about how to fid the gift in so-called learning disabilities and work with dyslexia in a positive way. Please listen to the CKTZ podcast for a brief interview with Sue Hall or visit to read more about dyslexia and learning differences. 

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You Are Not Anonymous

By Roy L Hales

In a city like Vancouver, someone can post anonymous attacks with some assurance their identity remains secret. Cortes Island is smaller. When I read attack posts, I automatically associate them with specific individuals. Two or three names immediately come to mind when there are references to phone calls or emails to a certain neighbouring Regional Director. They have a tiny group of associates, who may also be involved. Only one name comes to mind when I see those silly little cartoons in the Cortes Marketer. (BTW – I would much rather see those cartoons than find out “they” are trying to use another law or regulation against a neighbour.) I have a message for the perpetrators, you are not anonymous. 

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Electoral Service Committee Did Not Acknowledge Cortes Island’s Grant-In-Aid Applications

By Roy L Hales

An item is missing from the May 8 minutes of the Strathcona Regional District Board’s Electoral Service Committee. There is no reference to Cortes Island’s Grant-In-Aid Applications, though they were on the agenda. This was the result of a conscious decision made by three of the four Regional Directors (Jim Abram, Brenda Leigh & Gerald Whalley). The Electoral Service Committee did not acknowledge Cortes Island’s Grant in Aid Applications.

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