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Rezoning meeting for Treedom on Cortes Island

The rezoning meeting for an additional three homes on the Treedom Ventures property, at 1062 Seascape Road, in Mansons Landing Landing, was held Thursday. This would bring the total number of home sites on this 82 acre property to 8, with an additional cabin. Between 25 and 30 people attended the in-person component of the meeting and an unknown number attended through the internet or by phone.

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Whaletown Post Office Update: Fully Functional

This program was funded by a grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada and the Government of Canada‚Äôs Local Journalism Initiative

The relocated Whaletown Post Office has finally got its approved Canada Post internet connection! Twincomm and Canada Post’s technical staff were able to get the PO online in January, so semi-automation is restored for many routine postal functions. Customers can once again use credit cards.

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Spring Migration of Whaletown Post Office

Whaletown Post Office — much photographed by tourists — has a long and interesting story (you can find out more at the Cortes Museum). It has served the community for over 70 years.

When its tenure on private property near Whaletown Wharf could no longer be maintained, Whaletown residents banded together to “Save the Post Office” and find it a new home. After several weeks of discussion and some generous donations to “buy more time,” a solution was found: Whaletown Community Club agreed to host the Post Office in the Community Hall parking lot.

Once the destination was chosen, the ad hoc Post Office Committee (“Friends of V0P1Z0”) worked tirelessly to plan and execute the relocation. On the weekend of March 6th-8th — as the clocks changed — their plans were realised: the Whaletown Post Office moved to a new and sunnier location next to the Whaletown Community Hall.

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