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Local Government Through Annual Town Meeting

Originally published on Cortes Radio.ca

Recent events suggest that the Regional District system does not always work well in a remote island like Cortes. Some say, it is time to Cortexit. Our Regional Director says we should work within the existing system, it would be very expensive for a community this small to go it alone. She is currently wondering how a community council system would work on Cortes Island. “A minority of very active voices has been very effective at undermining my credibility at the Regional District, but if what I brought to the district was backed by this community council it would be harder to marginalize.” In this morning’s program we go to Cambridge, Vermont, to explore how an even more democratic system of government would work here. For more than two centuries, the local authorities have been carrying out the decisions made at an annual town meeting that everyone in Cambridge can attend.

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Rezoning Hearing For Rainbow Ridge

Cortes Island’s best known housing project took another step towards realization at the January 29th, Strathcona Regional District Board meeting. The public hearing for rezoning a 2.45-hectare portion of the 20.75-hectare Rainbow Ridge property will be held in Mansons Hall at 1 PM on April 30, 2020. 

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Sachika: The Things I Cherish

By Roy L Hales

Her first performance was as a little girl at Linnaea School on Cortes Island. She was 21, when she produced her first CD. Since then, she has become one of the area’s better known artists. She is living on Mayne Island now, but her mother, Naomi Hayter, still lives on Cortes Island. That is where Sachika Kosky talked about, “the things I cherish.” 

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The First Rural Islands Economic Forum

One hundred and ten delegates attended the first Rural Island Economic Forum on Pender Island, on November 7-8, 2019. Cortes Island Regional Director Noba Anderson describes the gathering as the beginnings of an alliance of BC’s rural islands, and to some extent the San Juans, “with the intend of connecting like minded communities in this time of climate chaos.”

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