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Fifth Cortes Virtual Community Meeting

More than 100 Cortes residents will most likely listen to, or read about, last night’s virtual community meeting. While fewer are logging on to the ZOOM calls or reading these reports in Cortes Currents, the number of people listening to the podcasts has doubled, growing from 21 to 43 since these meetings went public. Similar numbers most likely listened to the radio broadcast or will read Director Noba Anderson’s report in the Tideline. The principal topics for the fifth Cortes Virtual community meeting, on April 28, were vacation rentals and a series of community updates.

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Does the SRD Deliver?

The headline caught my eye. ‘SRD Delivers’ is a play on words, for a program meant to assist “with grocery shopping, the delivery of food, prescriptions and other essentials for the benefit of the elderly (65+) and other vulnerable persons who must self-isolate in accordance with Public Health Orders.” However, could there also be a deeper meaning – does the SRD deliver? 

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COVID-19: Seniors Caring For Other Seniors

National Observer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Seniors caring for other seniors are proving a potent weapon in the battle against COVID-19 on the Discovery Islands.

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A Remote Island Prepares: Can Cortes Self Isolate?

Regional Director Noba Anderson invited many of Cortes Island’s key businesses and community groups to a Zoom conference call to explore responses to COVID-19. Thirty-nine people connected by phone or computer and a second person appeared on several computer screens. Many embraced the idea that we should act as if the virus is already here. In-so-far as is practical, most attendees appeared to want to see Cortes self isolate.

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CSIL: Choice In Supports For Independent Living

“Many of you may be aware of or have used VIHA’s home support services program, but not so many are aware that they have other choices when you require more assistance with daily living. Home support services provide a home care which we pay for according to our income. This service, though staffed by excellent workers, can be inconsistent and limited. Staff are only allowed to perform certain tasks and you may be assigned a different worker each day. The other option, which many of us do not consider, or may not be aware of is CSIL: Choice in Supports for Independent Living,” explained Quadra Island resident Ann McLean, in her rich Scottish brogue.

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